• Infor Case Study

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    Infor Utilizes ComponentSpace SAML 2.0 Component To Respond To Client Demands For SSO Access To Its ASP.NET Application

    Being the world's third largest enterprise applications company, Infor have a wide range of clients with varied and specific needs. When the company needed to quickly implement SAML SSO to allow its client’s customer’s seamless access to their web applications, they turned to ComponentSpace SAML 2.0 offering. After fast implementation, Infors clients can now provide their customers with a more secure, user-friendly experience when accessing the companies’ enterprise applications.

    Business Challenge

    The Auckland City Council wanted to allow its customers to access to Infors ePathway application via RealME using single sign on technology. (RealMe is a New Zealand Government backed initiative that allows users to verify their identity online for things that previously required them to prove their identity face to face with photo ID, such as bank and insurance applications, accessing government services etc.) This would allow them to provide customers with a more user friendly experience and improved security and consistency within different government departments. To meet the demands of their client Infor needed to find a fast, flexible solution to seamlessly integrate their ePathway application with RealMe, while providing high level security required to protect RealMe customers sensitive data.


    Under the pressure of a tight deadline Infors Senior Software Engineer Mark Buckler, engaged ComponentSpace to deliver a SAML SSO solution that could quickly and easily integrate into their ePathway application.

    “The product was invaluable to us achieving our goals within a tight timeframe. The SAML2 component did much of the heavy lifting for us, which allowed us to concentrate on the business side of things.
    The tutorials you provided were extremely useful to us, as this was the first time anyone in our team had worked with SAML. Being able to see a basic scenario in action without writing any code ourselves helped us to understand the basic concept of what we were trying to achieve.
    We probably needed to write less than 100 lines of our own code in order to get this working as we needed. ” Mark Buckler
    Senior Software Engineer


    Infor have now successfully integrated the RealMe SSO service with their ePathway application using the ComponentSpace 2.0 offering, providing a robust, timely solution to fulfil their clients needs.

    About Infor

    Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, and with an innovative user experience design that is simple, transparent, and elegant.  Infor provides flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

    Employees 13000
    Revenues $2.4b
    Customers 70,000

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  • Synateq Case Study

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    ComponentSpace Product Examples And Documentation Enable Synateq To Prototype SAML SSO With A Real Customers IdP In Less Than A Day

    When hosting FieldTeq (Synateq’s latest software package) in the cloud, users were required to create new accounts with more passwords and usernames, which were hurting sales of the software package.

    After researching many options John Nesbitt, Senior Software Developer at Synateq chose ComponentSpace SAML offering because of the flexibility, support and low cost of the 2.0 component.

    “The support in the pre-sales stage was nothing less than exceptional. The responses to technical questions were prompt and extremely detailed.
    The product works so well we have never had to lodge a support request since we bought it. John Nesbitt
    Senior Software Developer, Synateq

    FieldTeq users can now sign in using their network usernames and passwords regardless of whether the system resides locally or in the cloud, and John reported his team saved over two weeks of development and testing by using the ComponentSpace SAML Solution.

    Business Challenge

    Users of FieldTeq Software (a OH&S compliance resource) had the option of hosting the software on premises or in the cloud. Because FieldTeq was unable to connect to the customer’s directory services in a secure manner when hosted in the cloud new user names and passwords were required. For many prospective clients this was a showstopper.


    The imminent need for SAML SSO to be added to FieldTeq led John to do a free evaluation on the ComponentSpace 2.0 SAML solution.

    This is what he had to say…

    “This solution had so many different examples of how to use the product in different scenarios that we could immediately visualize how the product would work in our system. Given the detailed examples and documentation a prototype was developed in less than a day. After it was fully implemented, it took less than 2 hours to fully implement SSO in another one of our applications.
    Also the API is so easy to use, implementation required less than 10 lines of code.


    Since Implementing SAML SSO FieldTeq have been able to provide a seamless user experience and ensure a consistent marketing message throughout the software. The component saved John's team over $12,000 in development and testing costs and the component has worked flawlessly since being integrated into the FieldTeq software.

    About Synateq

    Synateq works with organizations to simplify processes, discover opportunities and bridge the gap between strategic direction and business systems capability. Our experience across a broad range of market sectors allows us to deliver solutions that explore, build and expand organizational capabilities for our clients. Since 1999 we have been designing, developing and delivering medium to large-scale business systems for government and commercial organizations.

    Employees 30
    Years in Business 14

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  • BDX Case Study

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    BDX Enjoys Considerable Growth Since Allowing SAML SSO Access Throughout Its Network Of Private Label Partner Websites

    BDX new home listing resource needed to allow real estate agents and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to deliver a private label version of this website to its members.

    To create a seamless user experience SAML SSO access was required. By working with the lightweight ComponentSpace SAML 2.0 plug-in BDX found a fast, effective way to meet their customers desires and also provide a future framework to attract many more lucrative partnerships.

    Business Challenge

    BDX provides listing marketing services to new homebuilders. One way they wanted to increase listing exposure for their clients was to develop, an online resource where real estate agents could find up to date listing that matched the needs of their home buyer clients.

    BDX challenge was that many of their real estate agent partners and MLS wanted to provide a private label version of to their customers so it would appear to the homebuyers that they were searching for listings using their technology.


    Using the ComponentSpace SAML component Director of Software Development for BDX Lee Pointer and his team were able to prototype a solution in less than two weeks. Responsive support and comprehensive examples and documentation made implementation very easy for BDX developers and they already have six partner organizations using SSO to access their listing service.


    The implementation of SAML SSO has made a more attractive resource for potential partners which is driving BDX growth.

    “Our business continues to grow and the majority of our customers are comfortable with our SAML based SSO offering, it helps to speed up the time to market for integration with these partners.
    We now have approximately 20000 users across our six different private label sites that have implemented SAML based SSO.”
    Lee Pointer
    Director of Software Development

    About BDX

    A joint venture between Move, Inc. and Builder Homesite, Inc., BDX is a trusted resource for your digital marketing needs. In addition to the top new home listing sites -- and, BDX offers website development, mobile marketing capabilities, interactive floor plans, photo realistic renderings, video production, email services, social media packages, and innovative sales center technologies.

    Employees 200 and growing
    Years in Business 4

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  • SmartBen Case Study

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    SmartBen Increases Product Value By Providing Clients With Real-Time, SSO Access To Employee Benefit Vendors

    SmartBen provides an end-to-end solution for employers by combining industry-leading benefit-process integration with years of proven technology. To maintain their competitive edge Smartben engaged ComponentSpace to SAML SSO enable their software, which has allowed their clients to lower cost, provide faster service and reduce administration.

    Business Challenge

    SmartBen could see the massive potential in connecting the HR administrators, benefit enrollers, and employees of client companies directly to the benefit products they were managing and buying.

    With no previous experience working with SAML SSO technology, SmartBen Senior Software Engineer Phill Smith needed to find a company who could provide a simple SAML solution and responsive support to ensure they could complete their integration on time and on budget.


    Using the ComponentSpace SAML 2.0 Component, SmartBen were able to provide clients with direct network access to their employees life and health insurance benefit providers.

    While working through the integration process SmartBen developers were challenged when trying to get the API revision in place in a short a mount of time. After contacting ComponentSpace support the issues were quickly resolved and the project was able to move forward.

    “I am obliged to commend your support team for rapid turnaround on a critical API enhancement which enabled the current project to move forward. The support engineer has been exemplary as a support point-of-contact: knowledgeable, accurate, responsive, and easy to work with. He worked with us to get the API revision in place in an impressively short amount of time.” Phill Smith
    Senior Software Engineer, SmartBen


    Since Implementing SAML SSO employees of SmartBen’s client companies are now able to explore, understand and manage their benefits in real-time without waiting for often slow responses. This has increased the value employees are now receiving from their benefits packages.

    Companies have now reduced costs and administration because most product offerings and support can be handled directly by the vendors. Direct integration has also reduced error-prone duplication of vendor product lines in the SmartBen system.

    About SmartBen

    SmartBen provides an end-to-end solution for employers by combining industry-leading benefit-process integration with years of proven technology. SmartBen delivers superior technology efficiency by providing a specialized SmartTEAM™ of Project Coordinators and Electronic Data Interchange Specialists. The SmartBen team includes some of the most respected minds in the industry, who possess extensive domain knowledge with a strong emphasis in HR software implementations, data security, employee benefits, and knowledge of the HR field. We understand our partners and their clients needs, because we have been in their shoes. SmartBen delivers an economical, yet efficient and effective solution to short-staffed and over-worked Human Resource departments. We are the Communicator, Educator, and Enroller Experts.

    Employees 20
    Years in Business 20

    SmartBen Case Study PDF

  • GeoDecisions Case Study

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    GeoDecisions Selects ComponentSpace SAML2 Solution For SSO With Large Government Organization In New York City

    GeoDecisions needed an ASP.NET SSO solution for their client, a large government organization in New York City. The ComponentSpace SAML2 solution provided the best solution to meet this challenge along with considerable cost savings.

    Business Challenge

    GeoDecisions' client, a large government organization in New York City, wanted its internal and external users to utilize a single authentication source to register and access third-party applications in their infrastructure. To accomplish this, the client selected and implemented a Novell single identity provider that handled identity authentication for individuals that wished to access these services. Once the configuration had been enabled, GeoDecisions needed to find a solution that would enable their custom .Net web based application to integrate with the Novell Identity Provider via the single means of authentication.


    After researching many options, GeoDecisions chose the ComponentSpace SAML2 solution because it was the best available and supported solution for the .Net application back end that would allow integration with the Novell Identity Server. The client only tested integrations with Java applications before that. The solution met the requirements and technical specifications. Of particular importance to the experience with the ComponentSpace team was the support received during the integration. It was very professional, always friendly and extremely helpful. The responses to technical questions were prompt and very detailed. The product worked very well and GeoDecisions was very glad when things simply started to work. The ComponentSpace team helped a lot with troubleshooting the client's IdP responses.


    GeoDecisions' client’s users can now register and sign in using their network usernames and passwords, and use the registration process to securely add users from outside the network’s domain to answer the business process requirements. The GeoDecisions' team was able to complete the challenging integration by using the ComponentSpace SAML2 solution. As a result, the client asked GeoDecisions to provide more details about the solution used for the integration so that they could share the information with other vendors planning to integrate their solutions in the future.

    “GeoDecisions was able to successfully complete the security requirements of the project and move on with the next phase. The client was very satisfied with the results as this was the first application to use SAML2 accreditation after the IT organization transitioned to it. Without ComponentSpace, GeoDecisions' development team would have spent a tremendous amount of time integrating with the client’s security requirements that were new to everyone.” Konstantin Kireenkov
    Senior Development Manager, GeoDecisions

    About GeoDecisions

    GeoDecisions is an award-winning leader in the information technology industry specializing in geospatial solutions. GeoDecisions delivers strategic geographic information systems (GIS), information technology (IT), and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions and applications to empower defense, homeland security, transportation, state, county, municipal, and commercial clients to make smarter, more-informed decisions.

    Employees 90
    Years in Business 28

    GeoDecisions Case Study PDF

  • “It took less than a day to work the security functionality provided by ComponentSpace into my Federated Security code and I was able to complete a single sign-on integration with a business partner in under a week. Tech-support was better than any I have ever seen in 20 years of software development. As far as timesavers (and stress relievers) go, ComponentSpace made it possible for me to meet a deadline that seemed impossible before I discovered their toolkits.”

    Bayard Woodworth Software Architect Printable Technologies Inc
  • “I’m looking forward to using your product in mine. Thank you for your help; it’s been amazing. I have several other libraries that I’ve licensed in the past but their support is nothing like the support I received from you especially when I consider you’re on the other side of the world.

    Scott Johnson
  • We purchased your SAML 2.0 .NET product about a week ago. Just wanted to let someone know that we have been working thru a few issues with the Support Engineer. He has been GREAT! As you know, there are several options out there for this type of software. We looked at many of them and for no particular reason we installed the ComponentSpace trial first. Because of the Support Engineer, we didn't need to look any further. His support during the trial is why we purchased. His support since we purchased is why we'll look to ComponentSpace first from here on out.
    Thanks !

    Tom Nettell
  • Back in February, you provided fantastic assistance to one of our development team, enabling us to complete the implementation of a Shibboleth Single Sign On facility in our solution and I'm happy to report that this has finally been completed. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you provided – it was very much appreciated by myself and everybody else involved in the project.

    Kenny Page
  • “It’s a great experience to work with you, and your ComponentSpace, and might be the best support I got so far from my working history.”

    jIG, Zhihong NC
  • “So thanks for your great support, we’ve got more work to-do here to get the full solution working and integrated in with our existing system, but it’s looking good.”

    Grant Le Brun
  • “I really do appreciate the help, you have been so patient and this has been a learning process for me.

    Jenn Lin
  • “Thanks again on the great service! Just wanted you to know that we are going to purchase the license for your component. Your support was one of the main reasons.”

    Dusko Vuksanovic
  • “You guys have done a great job with the documentation and it is a very good product.”

    Bhagavan, Suraj
  • “Thanks, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

    Alex Dresko
  • “This is a great product!”

    Bhattarai, Aashaya
  • “My name is Rajya Nagireddy and I work for Munich Re America based in Princeton NJ, USA.
    I would like to let you know that we had an inquiry regarding the purchase of Component space product for SAML SSO and the Support Engineer helped us so much. He is very patient, answered all our questions, very knowledgeable and very nice. We really appreciate all his help and appreciate your company for employing such wonderful people. Employees like this are needed to make a company successful.

    Nagireddy Rajya Princeton-MRAm
  • I've said this before. You provide the absolute best support I've ever experienced from a component vendor. I wish we had other components we bought from you so we could get this level of support more often.
    Thank you”

    Rafael Ruiz
  • I'd like to start by congratulating you on producing what appears to be a very well written library, the thoroughness and comprehensiveness of the code examples and documentation is excellent!
    It's so refreshing to see things being done well :)”

    Andrew Bullock
  • “I would like to thank YOU personally and your company for being so great! Honestly, I don't think we would ever make it without you and your solution that was so great for our .Net application.
    When we saw your fast and helpful responses and those THOUSANDS of extra miles you went for us, we were sure about one thing... we selected the right product with the right people (or maybe I should say with the right person).
    Once again, from the bottom of my heart... thank you, A LOT !!!!!!!!!!
    Please let us always know if there is anything we can help you with from our end.
    I think our case deserves to be your case study.”

    Kireenkov Konstantin
  • “Thank you for getting this API revision in place for us so quickly.
    We have successfully completed an SSO connection with the service provider using the new AttributeValue constructor. Your change was critical to moving this project forward.
    If you would be kind enough to forward our sincere appreciation to everyone who wrote, tested, and packaged this update, I would be much obliged.”

    Phill Smith
  • “Anyway, thank you so much for all your help over the past few days, I really appreciate it. When you get emails checking up on how you are going with a trial software, they are usually either auto generated or from a non-technical marketing person, not someone who knows the product inside out (and probably helped develop it) and is able to provide such detailed explanations…in fact, it makes the sale price seem too good to be true!”

    John Nesbitt
  • “It worked! Awesome!
    Thank you so much for your help – I can now get on and complete my project.”

    Paul Doman

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