Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET Core

Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET Core

IDP initiated SLO For Office365
Octa api calling it self again and again
Demo examples to work with .Net Core 2.1.3
saml-session cookie not set secure by default
Idp Initiated Single Sign On
Saml Token verification in .net core 2.1
Get unsigned - unencrypted SAML Response
how to set the nameidformat on the saml:Subject
Angular and Service Provider Logon
Metadata exchange question
Handling idP AuthnFailed responses
SAML Request not valid for AzureAD
DotNet Core migration 2.1
RequestUsername IdP Support
Token expires after 20 min
ActivationException problem with registering custom SamlConfigurationResolver with Ninject
SPA + API as Service Provider/Relaying Party
IDP-Initiated SLO for Client and server applications
SLO not working in Google
Newbie question for Angular web app with .NET Core 2 WebAPI backend
SendSsoAsync fails to send SAMl Response
Why do you guys hard code the nameidentifier and name claim types for the userid in the SamlClaomFactory.
SAML Change Notify Protocol
RelayState is overwritten by SamlAuthenticationHandler
Response doesn't have any valid assertion which would pass subject validation
Compatibility with Java application
Storing certificates in Azure Key Vault
Encrypted Assertion works even the WantAssertionEncrypted is set to False.
New to this, having a problem with certs
hResult -2146232832 on receiving SSO
Determine SAML Request Type with ISamlIdentityProvider
SP-initiated SLO only logging out user at the SP that initiated the SLO
how to get SP name in IDP controller functions, during SSO flow
How can IDP send "Access Denied Page" towards user
Get the User ID from the authnrequest
AspNetCore signinasync fails if AssertionConsumerServiceUrl does not contain hostname
Office 365 Integration: Cant convert the domain to Federation: Set-MsolDomainAuthentication powershell cmdlt fails
Check if logged in with IDP?
Get more claims
Inconsistency with ISamlProvider.GetStatusAsync for .Net Core
Trial period extension
Mocking ReceiveSsoAsync and SpSsoResult
Getting succeeded = false from HttpContext.AuthenticateAsync - 2.0.5
The XML is not an Advice list item issue when ReceiveSSoAsync
Parse a SAML SSO request from a given URL with the High-Level-API
Unit Testing with types like IdpSsoResult and SloResult
Error: Failed to verify the XML signature, SHA-1 Problem?
ReceiveSsoAsync - Failed to receive the SAML message over HTTP-Post.
IdP-Proxy - handle single logout (ex: SP-initiated)

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