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SAML SSo Integration using Trial version in ASP net Core Application

By sheetal - 7/16/2019


We have downloaded trial version of componentSpace nuget package to use SAML as a SP in our ASP net Core web application.
Our client is ready to purchase the component if the POC Works as expected.
For this, we are using PingOne as a Identity provider and we created a SAML application in Ping one.
I have added all the configuration of SAML SP in my startup.cs file, but when trying to execute method _samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync("https://PingOneSSo", null, null);, I am getting following error=>

The X.509 certificate with subject name CN=9af0b084442c4ae495f0e7627c90c047, O=Ping Identity, L=Denver, S=CO, C=US and serial number 016BE5003B15 doesn't have a private key.

To resolve this issue, we tried to add the .pfx file instead of.cer , but no luck.

Can you please guide us to resolve this.Also, it could be great if you give us some sample code in ASP Net Core for pingone.

By ComponentSpace - 7/22/2019

Please take a look at the ExampleServiceProvider project. This includes a SAMLController with an AssertionConsumerService method.
This method calls ISamlServiceProvider.ReceiveSsoAsync to receive and process the SAML response and assertion.
It returns the user identity information extracted from the SAML assertion and you may use this information to perform an automatic login of the user.
The ExampleServiceProvider is described in Examples Guide.