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Multiple local providers through saml.config file

By yannis - 3/24/2021

Hi all,

We have a configuration that looks like the below.

We would like to add another partner idp but with different configuration on the local service provider side. Is this possible through the config file? If so how?

"LocalServiceProviderConfiguration": {
  "Name": "someid",
  "Description": "Service1",
  "AssertionConsumerServiceUrl": "",
  "SingleLogoutServiceUrl": "",
  "LocalCertificates": [{
   "SubjectName": "*"
"PartnerIdentityProviderConfigurations": [{
  "Name": "",",
  "Description": "DESC",
  "SignAuthnRequest": true,
  "SignLogoutRequest": true,
  "SignLogoutResponse": true,
  "DisableInResponseToCheck": true,
  "SingleSignOnServiceUrl": "",",
  "SingleLogoutServiceUrl": "",",
  "PartnerCertificates": [{
   "FileName": "bootstrapping/subsystems/saml/certificates/CERT.cer"

By ComponentSpace - 3/24/2021

Yes. This is available through our multi-tenancy support. Each tenant has a LocalServiceProviderConfiguration and PartnerIdentityProviderConfigurations.

This can all be included in your appsettings.json etc.

Please refer to the Multi-Tenancy Support section of our Configuration Guide for more information and an example configuration outline.