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Using ADFS with WebApi

By joonash - 3/20/2016

We are trying to create following scenario:

Html page sends ajax request to WebApi asking wheter user has certain user role or not. WebApi checks from ADFS if user is logged in (if not, WebApi authenticates user). WebApi then reads user roles from ADFS and returns true/false to html page.

Is this scenario possible with/without using your products?

By ComponentSpace - 3/21/2016

We don't support any form of web API as this isn't supported by the SAML specification.
SAML SSO involves sending a SAML authn request to ADFS using an HTTP Redirect or Post. ADFS will prompt the user to login if they're not already authenticated at ADFS. Once authenticated ADFS will send a SAML response using an HTTP Post. This is all done in the context of a browser session. All messages are sent via the browser.