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SP-Initiated Single Logout

By ComponentSpace - 2/20/2014

In SP-initiated single logout (SLO), the user starts at the SP site, and clicks a link to logout out of the IdP site andevery SP site to which there is an SSO session.
The following diagram outlines the SP-initiated SLO flow.

  1. The user has already SSO’d to one or more service providers.
  2. The user clicks a link at the SP site to initiate SLO.
  3. The user is logged out of the SP site.
  4. A logout request is sent to the IdP site.
  5. The user is logged out of the IdP site.
  6. A logout response is sent to the SP site.

Note that the identity provider sends a logout request and expects a logout response from every other service provider apart from the initiating service provider. This occurs between steps 5 and 6.

By ComponentSpace - 6/13/2019

Fixed. Thank you.