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Nuget pkg installation of Licensed version

By raju - 9/12/2018

This issue is regarding the prior post on some issues I had when I loaded .dll ( Licensed version of ComponentSpace) as a direct assembly reference. Actually we would like to have Nuget pkg.

 I am facing an issue when I deploy the code on the server. I tried with NuGet Package upgraded with licenses version on my local system, but when I publish it and deploy on the server, it is not working. It is throwing an error like ‘Cannot find compilation library location for package 'ComponentSpace.Saml2'’.

Please suggest on how we can deploy licensed version DLLs on the server. Please note my project is in .NET Core 2.

I followed Installation guide, but am unsure on how to achieve this.

Can you please help.

By ComponentSpace - 8/11/2021

Hi Lee,

"Local" as in something you set up for your build environment. The site can't be used as this has the evaluation version of the package. You need a package source accessible to your build environment that contains the licensed package.

For Azure DevOps, you have the option of using Azure Artifacts to set up a private feed for the package.