Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET

Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET

Mistake in MvcExampleServiceProvider
Configure both as Idp and Sp
Invalid algorithm specified when using actual cert file
Error "The message is not an HTTP POST." using ADFS-MVC example when logging out
Impossibile caricare il tipo 'ExampleIdentityProvider.Global'
SAMLAssertionSignature.Verify fails to verify signature generated by SAMLAssertionSignature.Generate
Getting 400 Request Denied for logout, any help will be greatly appreiciated
Relay State is required by IDP - I-Sprinter
Angular + Web Api
Service provider SSO SAML 2.0 implmentation
SAML SSO 2.0 Implementation with Asp.Net example
Reloading SAML configuration programmatically does not load the certificates
SP Initiated SSO - "The pending SAML action is being overridden."
Assigning SPs different session timeouts
Connecting to Salesforce via SAML
When acting as both an Identity Provider and a Service Provider, should I point both SingleLogoutServiceURLs to different services?
Initiation of SSO to the partner identity provider
Saml ADFS Claims conditional rule
Steps to Implement SAML 2.0 in ASP.NET MVC Application
ArtifactResolution configuration in PartnerIdentityProvider
IDP-init SLO for SP-init SSO user
Neither the SAML assertion nor response is signed
InitiateSSO - use the SecondaryLocalCertificate to sign authnrequest
Relative AssertionConsumerServiceUrl redirects always to http instead of https
Exception - A signing key is required to generate an XML signature
trying to InitiateSSO within web API
Failed to receive SAML response by HTTP post
Migrating from v2.5.0 to latest NuGet package and see Invalid Algorithm Specified
Issue with ADFS when using mobile devices
Inbound SSO denied - No connection string was provided!
SP Initiated SSO, MSIS7070: The SAML request contained a NameIDPolicy that was not satisfied by the issued token
SP receiving a Request in SSO
What if do not use a Metadata file?
Error attempting to use SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO
Username read by SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO is null or empty
How to verify if login token is valid?
SP initiated SSO - Website or Web application
Trying to convert a .cer to a .pfx
Working on different protocol
IdP-initiated SSO basic question
SAML Encryption Exception
CA-Issued Vs. HTTPS Shared Certificates
Local Certificate - use both SHA-1 and SHA-256?
Local / Partner IdP and SP
Custom RequestAuthnContext
Adding Parameter to HTML Posted Form
Licensed Expired - Need Support
Certificate Validation

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