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Using a build server as part of deployment process?

By DannyStaten - 1/22/2015

I have my code building and running properly on my local dev environment.  In my project references for the component space dll, I have it set with copyLocal set to true.  When I queue a build on the build server, it gives me errors that the assembly or reference ComponentSpace cannot be found.  I thought that my reference set to copy local should take care of that on a build or deployment server.  I am waiting on final approval to purchase a 4 developer license for my team, but in the mean time I was hoping I could run a build on our build server and verify that part of our process.  Do I have to wait until we have purchased a license?  Do we have to install the dlls on the build server(s) and if so do those count as needed licenses for our purchase?  
By ComponentSpace - 1/22/2015

There shouldn't be anything specific about referencing our ComponentSpace.SAML2 DLL. However you handle 3rd party DLLs in your build system currently should be the same for our DLL.
A separate license is not required for your build system. You are welcome to install the DLL on your build system if that's your preferred solution.