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Componentspace as an Claim Provider Trust in ADFS

By Prasad - 10/29/2015

We have set up an MVC application with Component Space as an IDP provider in ADFS. The ADFS has multiple identity providers. So when an user tries to access an Relying Party Application he gets redirected to the ADFS homerealm page. He then selects the ComponentSpace IDP from the dropdown and gets redirected to my MVC application (Component space). I have a login page through which user will enter his credentials --> It will get validated -- > If its success i want the user to SSO into his relying party application back. In IDP initiated flow i set the TargetURL with RPID which works fine. In the above case from where can i get the target URL.
What flow should i be using in this case IDP initiated or SP initiated. And guidance would be helpful.
By ComponentSpace - 11/1/2015

You need to add the following to your <PartnerServiceProvider>:
SignLogoutResponse = "true"
Note that if you were initiating logout then you would also set:
SignLogoutRequest = "true"
You should also set the following so the received logout message signatures are verified:
WantLogoutRequestSigned = "true"
WantLogoutResponseSigned = "true"