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LogoutResponse StatusCode of AuthnFailed using InitiateSloAsync

By mikesu - 3/12/2018


Using Version, I am implementing an SP Initiated SLO using the example solution as a template. The logout response that I receive from the IdP (Okta) is indicating AuthnFailed. Am I supposed to be providing a signature with the LogoutRequest? If so, I don't see anything in the API that allows me to do so. InitiateSsoAsync seems to sign the AuthnRequest, whereas InitiateSloAsync does not sign the LogoutRequest. This is despite the fact that I have WantAssertionOrResponseSigned set to true in the SAML Configurations. Is there a way for me to sign the LogoutRequest that gets sent via InitiateSloAsync? Otherwise, is there anything else I should be looking at to figure out why I would get AuthnFailed as part of my LogoutResponse?


By ComponentSpace - 3/12/2018

Thanks for the update. I'm glad that got it working.