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How to store SAML Session Id in Cookies, and how browser recognises when new browser opens?

By KNandaKishore - 12/9/2018

After successfull authentication from IDP, How do i need to store SAML  session in ccokies,
How i need to check the session stored in cookie when i open new browser?
By ComponentSpace - 4/18/2021

That depends on the authentication mechanism you're using. If there's a way to login the user, there must also be a way for you to check if the user is already logged in. Presumably there's an authentication cookie keeping track of this.

By session ID do you mean the ASP.NET session? If it's showing as a different session, this means the ASP.NET session cookie isn't being sent by the browser. I suggest using the browser developer tools to see why the browser isn't sending the cookie.